Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently FreAsked Questions

How much does this program and platform cost?

The cost depends on the size of your brokerage and the number of agents that you have. We’ve designed our pricing to ensure your breakeven requirements for the program are easily obtained. A customized proposal will be created to suit your agency and specific needs. In all cases, if the agents using the platform were able to close two to three incremental leasing transactions per year, it would cover the cost.

What have been the typical results for a broker or agent using this platform?

We simply make it easier and less time consuming for agents to make more money on more rental transactions. Brokerages with agents who used Rental Beast saw a minimum increase of 16% in gross commission income per agent compared to those who did not. They also saw an increase of at least 25% in company dollars per agent.

We have not done many rentals and have never really focused on rentals much - does this make sense for us?

Yes, absolutely. Regardless of whether rentals has been a focal point of your business to date, consider that almost every first time homebuyer is a renter currently or living at home. What better way to create a constant pipeline of first time homebuyers than getting early access to them while they are still renting and cultivating deep, meaningful and long lasting relationships with future buyers. Also consider the Rental Beast platform enables brokers and their agents to almost instantly begin generating leasing transactions therefore growing the bottom line as well as giving you a significant recruiting tool.

We are partnered with a number of world-class brokerages and a lot of their agents shared the same sentiment. Using our platform, we make it possible to earn money on the rental side of the business starting almost immediately. We provide the tools and technology to manage all of your leads and make it easy to maintain business relationships with your rental clients until they are in a position to become first time homebuyers. To support your agents, we have created a Broker Support Group whose job is exclusively to work with your agents and help them close deals.

What’s the difference between using the MLS and Rental Beast platform?

An important distinction between our database and MLS is that all of our listings come directly from owners and property managers so agents can collect 100% of the commission on each transaction when available whereas on MLS they always have a cooperating agent to co-broke with and can make a maximum of 50% of the available commission. When you use the Rental Beast inventory to do rental transactions you never need to co-broke or co-opt your commision with another agent which is what happens as soon as you jump on the MLS to find rental inventory. This means you can almost immediately double your existing rental commissions simply by using Rental Beast inventory.

On average, the rentals on MLS only cover about 7-12% of the rental inventory available. Rental Beast typically has access to more than 70% of all available rental inventory in our key markets and we strive to get as close to 100% of all available residential rentals active in our database at any given time.

How do you get all these listings in your database?

Our “secret sauce” is to leverage a tremendous amount of proprietary technology , hyperlocal and significant human ground & pound efforts around the country and years of developing our operational expertise that has allowed us to acquire access to more than 8,000,000 listings nationwide and growing rapidly, providing agents with all the information they need on each listing to complete a transaction and keep the inventory extremely fresh and accurate. This includes landlords of all sizes from the largest nationwide management companies all the way through the smallest private landlord that may have only one rental unit.

What does Rental Beast know about the brokerage business?

We love that question! Our founder is a 15-year real estate veteran and served as the managing broker for firms in both New York City and Boston. Additionally our staff consists of many licensed agents with vast experience in sales and leasing. Rental Beast has the brokerage business fused into its DNA and everything we do and build is “by agents and for agents”, setting us apart from every other technology provider in the industry.

Rental Beast is a proud REALTOR Benefits® Program partner