Rentals Matter Right Now!

Your Pikes Peak Association of REALTORS® knows that now, more than ever, rentals matter.

We're pleased to announce our partnership with Rental Beast—you'll soon gain access to powerful, rental-centric tools available directly within RSC MLS!

Unleash your rental superpowers!

Meet Rental Beast Gateway–the lead-to-lease solution provided as a subscriber benefit available directly from your MLS platform!

Free Access to Rental Beast for all NAR Members

NAR Members get free access to Apply Now, our lightning-fast rental application and tenant screening service, and Rental Beast University, our digital education platform for rentals.


Apply Now by Rental Beast

The lightning-fast rental application and tenant screening engine

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Quick: screen applicants within minutes using our simple one-page online form
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Trusted: our FCRA-compliant service handles thousands of applications each month – you can rest easy knowing you client data is safeguarded in a secure environment
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Streamlined: our guided process informs you of every step via automated emails and alerts
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Controlled: you are at the center of the transaction– your client relationships (and your commissions) are protected
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Efficient: applicants can reuse reports free of charge for up to 30 days

Features that matter:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Hosted in a secure environment
  • Includes a detailed credit report from industry leader TransUnion, as well as eviction history and background check (where available)
  • Seamlessly connects to digital rent payments, renters’ insurance, and furniture rental

How it works:

REALTOR® invites client to apply
Applicant is guided through a simple and secure process
REALTOR® is notified when application is submitted
Landlord approves or rejects
REALTOR® and client informed of decision

Rental Beast University

Online Rental Education. For REALTORS®. For Free

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On-demand webinars available 24/7/365
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Self-paced courses, including sales best practices, social media skills, and converting renters to homebuyers
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How-to guides and tips and tricks
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Direct feedback from licensed REALTORS® and industry experts
Rental Beast University is the digital education platform designed by industry experts to support REALTORS® through every aspect of the rental process.
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Meet Rental Beast Gateway

Access a comprehensive suite of rental tools directly within your NAR platform! Get ready to use a suite of rental-centric tools designed to better serve rental clients, conduct rental transactions more efficiently, and convert renters into homebuyers:
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Rental Search

Find your clients the perfect apartment with a rental-centric search. Search based on availability dates, financial requirements, building amenities, pet policies, and more. Save frequent searches, bookmark listings, and even set automated alerts for clients as rental listings meeting their criteria come to market.
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Rental Listing Add/Edit

Rental Beast makes it easy to add and maintain your rental listings within your MLS. Easily enter or upload listings and set your marketing and processing preferences, or avoid entering listing information altogether by claiming listings already in Rental Beast's database of more than 10 million owner-sourced rental listings. 
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Lead Generation & Qualification

Enjoy enhanced marketing for your rental listings, including syndication to your MLS's existing IDX, feeds as well as, and your MLS's new, consumer-facing rental website. Take advantage of nurturing tools designed to help you identify and establish relationships with future buyers before they enter the market.
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Apply Now by Rental Beast

Save time with Rental Beast's lightning-fast online rental application and tenant screening engine! Easy to use, secure, and fully FCRA-compliant, Apply Now keeps you at the center of the transaction process, keeping you up-to-date and in control!
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Rental Education

Get unlimited access to Rental Beast University, an online education platform designed by industry experts to support you through every aspect of the rental process.

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Rental Beast is a proud NAR REALTOR Benefits® Partner
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Rentals Matter Right Now!

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Nearly 40 percent of the U.S. population is renting—in metro Cleveland, it's more than 60 percent!

In a sales-constrained environment, the demand for rentals is abundantly clear. This demand is not new, with rising affluence amongst renters, and greater agent commissions available, rentals are an increasingly viable and essential cornerstone of agents' business plans.

It's clear—now more than ever, rentals matter.

There are more Realtors® in the U.S. than homes available for sale, and with more than $12 billion in estimated rental commissions available nationally each there, there is clearly money to be made with rentals. Successful real estate professionals are actively adapting to the reality that rentals must make up a core part of their business.

Sixty-five percent of today's renters are millennials, and the same millennials are also the largest demographic driving more than forty percent of all sales transactions. And while three out of eight millennials believe they'll rent for life, three out of the remaining five plan to buy in the next thirty-six months.

Upcoming Webinars

Unlock the Beast! Get the most out of your new NAR subscriber benefit by registering today for any overview or deep dive webinar below. Get an introduction to your new tools, see live demos, learn best practices, and have plenty of time for questions and answers!
Rental Beast Gateway Overview

Rental Beast Gateway Overview

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Eastern
Friday, March 25th, 2022, 10:00 am - 11:00 am, Eastern

Meet Rental Beast—the lead-to-lease solution available directly within your MLS platform! Provided as a benefit to all MLS Now Subscribers, Rental Beast Gateway is the end-to-end solution designed to help you with every step of the leasing process.

Here's what you can learn:

  • How to access Rental Beast Gateway
  • Features overview and live demo
  • Best practices on how to process rental applications quickly
  • How to enroll in free coursework with Rental Beast University
  • Up-to-date facts and stats about the current rental market
Apply Now by Rental Beast

Deep Dive: Online Rental Application and Tenant Screening for NAR Subscribers


Get to know Apply Now by Rental Beast–the lightning-fast online rental application and tenant screening engine available directly within your MLS!

Here's what you can learn:

  • Where to access Apply Now
  • How Apply Now's process keeps you in control of transactions
  • How Apply Now safeguards legal compliance
  • Best practices for processing rental applications quickly
Rental Search & Rental Listing Add/Edit Deep Dive

Deep Dive: Core Rental Functions for NAR Subscribers


Master Core Rental functions with this hands-on overview and live demo of rental search, listing add/edit, rental lead generation, and client management tools.

Register now to see how Rental Beast's Add/Edit, Search, Lead Generation, and Client Management functionality can help you monetize rentals directly within your MLS!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Where to access new rental functions
  • Best practices when conducting rental searches: leveraging rental-specific search parameters, saving searches, bookmarking listings, and setting up listing alerts
  • How to add and edit rental listings, including cloning listings and claiming owner-sourced listings
  • Easy ways to manage rental clients and use automation to keep them informed
Rental Search & Rental Listing Add/Edit Deep Dive

Rental Beast Pro Overview for NAR Subscribers


Get a comprehensive overview and live demo of Rental Beast Pro, the mobile-friendly, lead-to-lease platform packed with premium features and tied to thousands of owner-sourced listings.

Register now for a hands-on overview of Rental Beast Pro. See premium lead generation, listing syndication, marketing features, and more—including Rental Beast's Pro's seamless connection to the largest database of fulfillment-grade, owner-sourced rental listings not found on any MLS!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Overview of owner-sourced leads, premium lead generation, and listing syndication features
  • Rental Beast Leads: how we generate rental leads, and how they're distributed among Rental Beast Pro subscribers
  • Best practices for identifying future homebuyers
  • How to access discounted pricing for MLS Now subscribers
Rental Search & Rental Listing Add/Edit Deep Dive

Rental Beast University: Deep Dive for NAR Subscribers


Meet Rental Beast University, the digital education platform designed by industry experts to support MLS Now subscribers through every aspect of the rental process.

Register now to make the most of your free access to Rental Beast University—our 100% online learning center - available directly from your MLS. Join us for a deep dive into this powerful resource and see how it can help you close more rental deals!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to access Rental Beast University
  • What courses are available for both new and seasoned real estate professionals
  • Where to access real estate tips and best practice content
Our Clients

Hear what our lovely clients say!

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs. Discover how Rental Beast has helped thousands of REALTORS® use residential rentals to build a renewable pipeline of future homebuyers.

"I would recommend any REALTOR® looking to start or grow their business or any seasoned REALTOR® needing access owners and investors to partner with Rental Beast! I converted a renter lead into a buyer purchasing a $870k condo and I am closing on a $8k rental as well."

Jonel Maffucci
Jonele Maffucci
Carrington Real Estate Services

I just had my best month ever, with 28 rentals and over $10K in commissions. They call me "Ron Rentals" in the office, and now they all want Rental Beast!

Ron Nordgren
Realty ONE

I’ve already closed three deals with Rental Beast! And just today, I have a client that I showed one property to and they rented! Thank you Rental Beast for helping me get off to a fast start with my rental business.

Santa Poddar
Santa Poddar
Berkshire Hathaway Agent

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